Soul Food / Mid Atlantic Jams presents:

Slap that cereal bowl out of your son’s hand! You’re too wild for children’s breakfast tonight. You’re going straight to whatever 24 hour diner after this one. Your voice is about to sound like Macho Man, even the littlest kittens. Meow Mix is where it’s at this week with Noah Page SO stoked to be filling in for Lady Catnip. But his name, right? Noah Page? Doesn’t sound very Meow Mix-y. Let’s fix that. Lord Catsup? Nah. And it should be Lady-something. Lady Dad? Lady Woof?

Dude, SERIOUS dance music. Laugh if you want, but this’ll move you! Serious. Now, would everyone consider all of this stuff dance music? Irrelevant. You will have to dance! Lady Woof just lets it go for like an hour without stopping. So impossibly always there, that beat. K-Pop. Hyuna! And her friends! French stuff that’ll make you want to move to Fantasy Dance Party Paris. Stuff from Togo, thanks to Jordan Slayton. Togo! In Africa! You guys, and it’s legitimate indie African dance music. Also your new favorite song: but what is it? Club Action? TORN? IS IT TORN? IT IS, ISN’T IT?

Which leads me to the other music. You’re exhausted from dancing. This is for after you dance. Lay back and bask in the soreness of your body to this. It feels good to sit down. And you deserve it. For listening, rehydrating and contemplating the awesome things you have done and will do in the immediate. This is the emotional arc to the beautiful story of your crazy dance party evening. Marilyn Monroe trip-hop. The classic, little-known Bellafea. The inextricable hangoutability of Sheezer. It’s just good there’s a record of this stuff. And of course, that brings me to the cherry on this sundae: the original, hardcore version of Torn. And, not to mention, your new favorite song.

Let’s always remember this special broadcast, friends. “Remember that one Meow Mix with Lady Dad, or whoever?” We’ll say. Lady Dad forever! Lady Dad for two hours!


216 June 4th, 2017

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