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Today on Cause and Effect: SOUTHPAW BATTLE COALITION.

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My guest on the air is Ray Manley. Ray had one of the most talked about battles in Southpaw’s recent history, which quickly went viral and touched on subjects in the forefront of all our lives in that moment. But the popularity of this battle footage also has a lot to do with his way with words, which we’ll find out when we also listen to one of his poems. Also pre-recorded interviews by Radio B and Bravo, two of Southpaw’s owners, and BC, a guy known for filming Southpaw’s battles and lending his talent for visual arts to our city’s rap community in a number of ways.

This show was going to just be about Battle Rap in general, and I wanted interviews from experts in the art to weigh in. As I was arranging those, I started to realize that the guys I was bringing in to talk about battling were actually doing some really exciting things with the medium, and that really warranted it’s own discussion. And that’s how we ended up with Cause and Effect of Southpaw Battle Coalition.

Poetry. Spoken word. Rap. Appreciation for hip-hop in general. Language in general. All of the amazing local talent involved. And battles of a different style and demeanor. Southpaw looks to stretch itself beyond what you’d expect to find within the usual scope of battle rap, and that is what makes it such a unique and special animal. And we’re ready to talk about all of that.

Southpaw is truly a part of this place where we live too. We’ll discuss how the battles and the league have been touched by local institutions like Tuesday Verses, or the heartbreaking things that took place in Charlottesville just recently, and we’ll even hear a little about the beginnings of one of Richmond’s most renowned rappers, Nickelus F.

To round out our sense of how the lives of the battlers relate to ours and back into their lyrics, we’ll listen to some of our favorite battles and some of the music and poems made by some of Southpaw’s battlers when they’re not battling. That includes some of Radio B’s newest project, the compelling EP Sunday’s Best, which really has us looking forward to his next work, the album Jesus Never Wore A Suit, which he describes as “Sunday’s Best times 10.” We’ll also hear a song or two by some artists the guys named as their influences.

We also give a really basic overview of battle rap in general. Hopefully this will serve as a good introduction to the art and genre, for our listeners who may not be familiar. But let’s not forget that this show is first and foremost about the great talent right here and now in our own beautiful city, with a specific interest in the proliferation of this elegant craft and tradition as carried out by Southpaw Battle Coalition.


    Time: August 26 - 9:13:24 am
  • Eminem ft D12, “Quitter”

    from Quitter


  • Time: August 26 - 9:16:24 am
  • Chillum Allah, “Round 3 Against Habib”

    from Southpaw Battle Coalition


  • Time: August 26 - 9:19:24 am
  • Radio B, “Don't Play Wit It”

    from Sunday's Best

    AGM - 2017

  • Time: August 26 - 9:22:48 am
  • JAY Z, “Takeover”

    from MTV Unplugged: Jay-Z (Live)


  • Time: August 26 - 9:25:48 am
  • Cane, “Grassroots Tangent”

    from Destruction

    Cane. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws. Distributed - 2011

  • Time: August 26 - 9:28:56 am
  • Tuesday Verses Crew, “you got me”

    from Tuesday Got Me

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: August 26 - 9:31:56 am
  • Ray Manley, “Battle Against Nunn Nunn”

    from Southpaw Battle Coalition

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: August 26 - 9:34:56 am
  • Nickelus F, “L**** W***”

    from Triflin'

    AMG - 2015

  • Time: August 26 - 9:39:23 am
  • Jazz Poets Society, “Cypher”

    from Poet's Lounge - The Show

    5th Child Records ‎ - 1998

  • Time: August 26 - 9:42:23 am
  • Ray Manley, “To The Men Who Break Out Wives”

    from To The Men Who Break Out Wives

    self-released - 2017

216 August 26th, 2017

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