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Today’s Lost Music Saloon hits a couple of topics, plus brings you some new music. Songs about New York City for the 16th anniversary of 9-11; a few songs about floods & rain for Irma; and a bunch of new songs to keep things fresh. Enjoy!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Sept. 11, 2017: 5-7 p.m.: 9-11 + Irma + New

New Music Set #1:
Eric Westbury: The Cavalcade: Atomic Wilderness
R.X. Bertoldi: Black Coffee: After Midnight
American Opera: Small Victories: Retrospective
Sarah Jaffe: Help Yourself: Bad Baby

New York Set #1:
Woody Allen: New York Monologue
Ryan Adams: New York
Ace Frehley: New York Groove
Steve Earle: N.Y.C.

New Music Set #2:
Southern Star: Make It Last: Southern Star
Joel Madison Blount: Fool: Taming the Wind
Tyler Childers: Honky Tonk Flame: Purgatory
Mike McGuire: I’d Like to be the Man (My Dog Thinks I Am): Sedona

High Water Everywhere Set:
Bob Dylan: High Water
Randy Newman: Louisiana 1927
Lone Justice: Dixie Storms
Lonnie Johnson: Back Water Blues

New Music Set #3:
Cris Jacobs: The Devil or Jesse James: Dust to Gold
Beth Bombara: I Tried (Too Late): Map & No Direction
The Texas Gentlemen: Pain: TX Jelly
Karen & the Sorrows: Walk Through the Desert: The Narrow Place

New York Set #2:
Manhattan Transfer: Boy From NYC
Neil Diamond: New York Boy
Two Cow Garage: Alphabet City
Rise: Posing As Human

New Music Set #4:
Vince Mira: True Love: El Radio
Kesha (w/Dolly Parton): Old Flames: Rainbow
Taj Mahal & Keb Mo’: Waiting On the World to Change: TajMo
Iron & Wine: Last Night: Beast Epic

Live in Richmond @ The Broadberry Sun. 9/17 @ 8 p.m.:
The Whiskey Strings Tour:
– Billy Strings: Dust in a Baggie: Billy Strings EP
– The Whiskey Shivers: Southern Sisyphus: Some Part of Something

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140 September 11th, 2017

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