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Nah, It’s not that silly. I do have alot of excellent stringed instruments in the lineup this show, especially the oud.

Souad Massi

Tell me why you think
T ‘are with us and you’re all alone
People are scattered in the sea
And you get higher, you go away
It’s obvious your heart is full
It’s obvious you have nothing to add
He who has the habit of suffering since childhood
His whole life is on the go

Chorus (repeat)
Let me, let me
Let me weep over my decisions
Let me, let me
Let me cry on my luck

Look at people like they are happy
Look at people as they play
Look at the sky as it is clear
You and your sky is cloudy
Has it one to whom life has smiled
And he has given generously
It Hits you like a crying
And he bears his suffering


170 September 22nd, 2017

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