Cause and Effect presents:

Radiohead thought free music was cool and innovative. That guy from Metallica thought it wasn’t as into it.

Piracy on the internet was the biggest thing to happen to music since the invention of physical formats. Napster was the first way everyone did it.

We’ll hear some of the most pirated media of all time (The Hobbit) and from the time of Napster (Kid A, *NSync). We’re also listen to some of the most popular music from the era after piracy changed the music industry so much (Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black) to see if we can detect the lasting impact of piracy.

Remix culture also owed a great debt to piracy software like Napster for creating the first, biggest, most intense ways to search covers and remixes and make samples available for the creation of new mash ups. We’ll hear some mashups and remixes from the time and from the remix craze that was born from it (Fissunix, Maths Time Joy’s remix of Bon Iver).

We’ll also meditate on the history and still unfolding future of music piracy, from the earliest and most popular bootlegs (The Beatles’ Let it Be Journals) and the idea behind intellectual property in general (Amish Paradise, Youtube’s endless sea of covers).

This’ll be not just a great show, but a fun one to listen to! Also, let’s try to diss DJ Lylas as hard as we can. Because we admire her. Guys: diss your heroes. Diss them hard. It’s important. For you and them. It’s a show of appreciation and delineation by way of variety. Those who made you want to see you become your own unique special thing. Celebrate those differences.


216 September 23rd, 2017

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