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It’s my favorite weekend of the year: the weekend of the annual Richmond Folk Festival, three days of great music in the great outdoors, right here in downtown Richmond.

On this week’s program, you’ll hear six artists who’ll be playing the festival: the psychedelic cumbia of Peru’s Los Wembler’s (pictured above), on their first American tour since they were founded in 1968; the drums and voices of Betsayda Machado & La Parranda El Clavo from Venezuela; Iranian tar virtuoso Sahba Motallebi; Romanian gypsy cimbalom player Nicolae Feraru; accordionist Bitori, who made the very first album of traditional Cape Verdean funana; and the Moroccan Sufi music of Innov Gnawa.

This week’s show is the perfect way to figure out which international artists you need to check out at the festival.  I’m thinking you’re going to want to see all six of them.


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96 October 11th, 2017

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