Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music presents:

We’ll have a tribute to Franco included in the second hour. October 12 anniversary of his passing.


126 October 15th, 2017

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  • David Noyes (DJ Daudi) says:

    Thanks Alice. Good to know you’re still out there listening after all of these years. I hope that you’ll get a chance to drop by the station again some day. I’d love to see you again!

  • Alice Howard says:

    Thank you so much for remembering our Franco. I remember the day of his death. I was very sad and felt as if I had lost a close member of my family. I love and play his music quite often .Mario is my favorite. I danced many nights at the Kilamanjaro in DC to his music. I even had the pleasure of seeing not once but twice at the KJ. He was and is the King of Congolese music. Peace and Love
    Thank you for keeping our music alive and kicking.

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