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Our city’s rap and hip-hop scene is blossoming, but like a delicate orchid it needs love and care to flourish and grow beautiful. Who will fetch the water? Will it be your great-grand daughter? Ayla Nereo.

But obscure references aside: REALLY, we have to support these amazing artists. Hip-hop is a very important genre at the moment for the world in general. Some would say it is the only genre relevant in America. I might not. But I might. Anyway, it’s weird that a genre so important to the world right now is struggling to take off in our own city, which is so crazy for the arts and supports so many other formats and kinds of artistic expression.

The awesome and talented Jamil Jasey and Tan Carter join Noah Page on this special non-Halloween version of River City Limits. Noah Page finally fulfills his dreams of having spoken word poetry performed live on the radio, acapella. Jamil and Tan BOTH shared one of their works. We also heard some music by Jamil and by JGar, who also joined us on the air to discuss his own work. JGar is an interesting guy destined to be an important part of the scene in our pretty little town.

OH and DON’T LET ME FORGET: We’ll listen to some exclusive new music from Freakolafat and Vos, who each just dropped very interesting projects in the past week. You won’t hear this stuff anywhere else yet! Except, you know, souncloud, youtube, iTunes, etc. You won’t hear it on any other radio show though! For now. The new albums by these guys push the boundaries of the rap genre while still definitely sounding like hip-hop. It isn’t some Limp Bizkit or anything, I mean. It’s rap. But it’s different rap. They’re innovating, is what I mean. And that’s the amazing thing about a lot of rappers in our city right now. They have fresh, new ideas. This is why they need us to listen, support them, and show love.

Why no Halloween music though? We all love Halloween. Is Noah Page crazy? Is he dumb? Yes, of course, he is. But is that somehow related to the disturbing lack of spooky music on today’s show? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!


216 October 28th, 2017

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