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LISTEN IN AND BE YOURSELF! On the Nov. 17th edition of Open Source RVA on WRIR, we talk about what it means to be transgender. Host Angela Lehman speaks about the challenges and the changes related to gender issues with transgender couple Ryan Franges-Masho and Nic Franges-Masho, surgeon Dr. Neil Zemmel, Virginia Commonwealth University professor Myrl Beam, and Ted Lewis, director of Side By Side, formerly ROSMY. And did you know “Do the CAFR” is the latest dance craze?! Find out when RVA Dirt’s Melissa Vaughn returns with a solo overview of Monday night’s Richmond City Council meeting on a new Quick and Dirty council roundup. And they’re back! We’ve got a “tanned, rested and ready” installment of Curtain Call, our bi-weekly look at the local theater scene, produced by the Richmond Theatre Critics Circle. This time out, Rich Griset, David Timberline and Jerry Williams review 5th Wall’s “Murder Ballad” and preview the oncoming avalanche of holiday-themed shows. GET WITH THE PROGRAM! And the program is Open Source RVA, heard every Friday at noon on WRIR 97.3 FM and

148 November 17th, 2017

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