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For the last six years, I’ve ended the calendar year with a program I call “The Best Of The Rest”: my favorite new songs that didn’t get played in my two-week review of that year’s best albums. I always find it to be one of the year’s most compelling shows, and this week’s edition is no exception.

The plain truth is that I hear too many good tracks each year to limit myself to a Top 10 or 20 — this year, my best albums short list was forty titles long. Then there are the long-players with just one or two killer songs, plus all the EPs and singles that cross my desk.

Add it all up, and the music on The Best Of The Rest might be even more stellar than what you heard over the last two weeks. I’ll let you be the judge. And this year’s The Best Of The Rest is particularly deep: I started with about 60 ideas and managed to winnow it down to 20 or so.

Bonne annee, bonne sante!


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96 December 27th, 2017

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