The Church of the Ecstatic presents:

It’s 2018! Happy New Year to Everyone!!! I hope y’all are well and had a good NYE!

I wanted to do a New-Year’s-Resolutions-type-show, after last week covering the Death tarot card, and thinking about putting bad habits to rest. Tonight’s show is the positive compliment to that show – the hope of better habits in the new year.

And then, I watched GLOW and played a lot of the cabaret game in Yakuza 0, and got really inspired by all these 80’s ladies working hard and being badass. So there’s a lot of 80’s tunes and stuff from the GLOW soundtrack to get you PUMPED to tackle the new year – LIKE A WARRIOR! Give yourself a training montage. You deserve it.


123 January 3rd, 2018

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