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I’m going to start 2018 with one more look back at 2017: an overview of the five extraordinary live performances I was fortunate to host last year on Global A Go-Go.

Richmond bands Afro-Zen Allstars (pictured above with me at WRIR) and Hotel X helped raise money by playing live on the air during WRIR’s fund drives.  Gamelan Raga Kusuma celebrated their tenth anniversary by bringing dozens of players and instruments up the stairs and into Studio C.

Ex-Richmonder Joshua Camp visited Global A Go-Go to play songs from his recent solo project C.A.M.P.O.S. (Cumbias And More Psychedelic Original Sounds).  And The Nile Project brought musicians from up and down the Nile River, seven countries in all, to our community radio station for an amazing performance and cross-cultural experience.

I’ll revisit all five of these live-in-concert recordings on this week’s program, and throw in a few other items that fit the mood.


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96 January 3rd, 2018

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