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Dancing hard in a radio station that doesn’t work and we’re still learning to use it. Wearing hats. Not wearing hats. It’s an episode! This isn’t the real description. THIS is:

PT Burnem is a crazy person. His beats are impossible beepy and clicky sometimes and people wonder why. It’s because they’re made on instruments he built himself from parts of circuit boards, ipads, all kinds of stuff. Then there is his MPC stuff. On this program he gives us his full history with the electronic instrument, along the way explaining the crew he came up with and how he developed his unique SUPER HYPE approach to rap.

His rap is bananas. He calls it “FACE DRUMS” because he’s just as hard as it gets and uses language like that. It’s his tool. He uses it as he pleases, and misuses it the same way. His live performances are truly terrifying, and you’ll have plenty of chances to see it for yourself coming up. Listen in to hear about it!

We had so much fun listening to songs Burnem admittedly does not even have permission to share on the radio yet due to his new contractual agreements with different music creating companies. And, not to mention, Burnem’s earliest work, raw and youthful and full of the mistakes that are so important to making us all who we really are.

Vos and Lithium God came by too!


    Time: February 24 - 9:02:00 am
  • The Stooges, “T.V. Eye”

    from Funhouse (Deluxe Edition) [Remastered]

    Rhino/Elektra - 1970

  • Time: February 24 - 9:06:00 am
  • Modest Mouse, “The World At Large”

    from Good News for People Who Love Bad News

    Epic - 2004

  • Time: February 24 - 9:12:33 am
  • Infinit, “The Genesis”

    from The Genesis

  • Time: February 24 - 9:23:06 am
  • P.T. Burnem, “9-2-5”

    from 9-2-5

  • Time: February 24 - 9:26:06 am
  • Height Keech, “Dead Rider Ride On”

    from Mind Moves the Mountain

    Cold Rhymes - 2017

  • Time: February 24 - 9:28:30 am
  • P.T. Burnem, “Tobacco Road”

    from A Terrible Man

    self-released - 2008

  • Time: February 24 - 9:31:30 am
  • Diesel Shark, “Chuff”

    from Chuff

    self-released - 2008

  • Time: February 24 - 9:34:30 am
  • P.T. Burnem, “Cops and Robbers”

    from Paper Cranes

    No Hero. - 2009

  • Time: February 24 - 9:37:30 am
  • Ceschi Ramos, “Half Mast”

    from The One Man Band Broke Up

    Fake Four Inc. - 2010

  • Time: February 24 - 10:03:25 am
  • Emceeing Eye, “Black Calumet”

    from Salem's Lot

    Illuminated Paths - 2014

  • Time: February 24 - 10:06:25 am
  • Emceeing Eye, “Sycamore Trees”

    from Sycamore Trees

  • Time: February 24 - 10:09:25 am
  • Height Keech, “Deep in the Dark”

    from Bed of Seeds

    self-released - 2010

  • Time: February 24 - 10:12:25 am
  • Drones, “soCEOpathic”

    from soCEOpathic

  • Time: February 24 - 10:15:25 am
  • P.T. Burnem, “King Felix (feat. Swordplay)”

    from Pink Lazers

    self-released - 2015

  • Time: February 24 - 10:18:25 am
  • Trauma Lavern, “Disastronaut”

    from Disastronaut

    self-released - 2018

  • Time: February 24 - 10:21:25 am
  • P.T. Burnem, “Vitamin B 13 (feat. Ceschi, Swordplay and Visitor 10)”

    from Pink Lazers

    self-released - 2015

216 February 24th, 2018

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