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Welcome to an all new music edition of the Lost Music Saloon. Good new music is always welcome, and I’ve got two hours of it for you today. As usual, I open the Saloon doors a little wider for new music, so you’ll hear a bit of everything from rock to folk to honky tonk to bluegrass to blues to Americana…and beyond. Enjoy!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: Feb. 26, 2018: 5-7:00 p.m.: New Music

Shannon & the Clams: Tell Me When You Leave: Onion
Clare Bowen: Raised on a Song: Nashville
Superchunk: Black Thread: What a Time to Be Alive
Charles Esten: Looking For The Light: Nashville

Rick Springfield: The Devil That You Know: The Snake King
Caleb Caudle: Six Feet from the Flowers: Crushed Coins
H.C. McEntire: Baby’s Got The Blues: Lionheart
Tyler Childers: Whitehouse Road: Purgatory

Dave Evans: Be Proud Of The Gray In Your Hair: Oxford American – Kentucky
The Lost Brothers: Halfway Towards A Healing: Halfway Towards a Healing
Freakwater: My Old Drunk Friend: Oxford American – Kentucky
John Arthur Martinez: Everything Tastes Better With Beer: San Antonio Woman

R.X. Bertoldi: Get Off Of My Cloud: Strong Roots & Readings
Mary Gauthier: The War After The War: Rifles & Rosary Beads
The Nick Moss Band w/Dennis Gruenling: Get Right Before You Get Left: The High Cost Of Low Living
Julie Christensen & Stone Cupid: Cold Tennessee Rain: A Sad Clown

Paul Luc: Fork In My Road: Bad Seed
Caroline Rose: Getting To Me: Loner
Dallas Moore: Home Is Where The Highway Is: Mr. Honky Tonk
Reagan Hudson: I Don’t Need You: Broken Pieces

Vivian Leva w/Riley Calcagno: No Forever: Time Is Everything
Beaver Road: Hangin’ Out: Here We Go Again
Bindley Hardware Co.: Queen Of The Upper Middle Class: Ever Satisfactory
Jeff Rosenstock: 9/10: POST-

Van William: Revolution: Countries
Salad Boys: Right Time: This is Glue
Ty Segall: I’m Free: Freedom’s Goblin
Lefty Jones Band: Little Song: Mother Mary

Sons of the East: My Repair: Already Gone
Calexico: Under the Wheels: The Thread That Keeps Us
Richmond Fontaine: Night Out with Diego: Don’t Skip Out on Me

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140 February 26th, 2018

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