Secret Bonus Level presents:

Secret Bonus Level has been pretty crazy for several weeks now. More rappers than we can fit in the thing. More rappers than we can fit into the 2 hours of our radio business. But this week, finally, we get a week off from the craziness. And believe me, it’s not that we don’t love all of MILLIONS of rapper friends, but you know. Sometimes you need a break from the craziness.

Take a bath. Just stare at the wall by yourself. Have some “Me Time.” Chop your head off at the neck. NO WAIT. Don’t do that one. Hang on.

It’s a rap show! Dude, just rap with us. Or listen to us rap and pretend it’s you. No one will know! We’ve got the band, of course. The Secret Bonus Level Band. And come see them tomorrow! At Flora! Et cetera!


216 March 22nd, 2018

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