Secret Bonus Level presents:

dogfriend and jhnsn, Secret Bonus Level alums and two of our favorite guys, come to be the band tonight! The Secret Bonus Level Band is off due to illness, but don’t worry! They’ve been sick since forever and it’ll all be good. They’ll be back next week fully healed.

But until THEN, first of all, jhnsn, the producer Richmond NEEDS but not the one it deserves. He brought his beat machine. He brought his guitar. He laid it down. He held it there.

dogfriend, Noah Page’s boyfriend, played the bass like it was a part of Noah Page’s, you know, not body, that’d be gross, but SOMETHING. And we all love this guy. So crazy. So biting. So intense.

So listen to it! Love it! Drink it until it’s gone. SECRET is the BONUS of your LEVEL.


216 March 29th, 2018

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