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This week’s program has that Latin tinge throughout.  The show gets started with the unique sound of salsa Senegalaise, as Senegal celebrates its 58th anniversary of independence on April 4.

Then we’ll dig very deep into classic Cuban big band recordings of the 1940s and 50s, plus one ringer — the brilliant debut album by Orquesta Akokan (pictured above), modern music inspired by Arsenio Rodriguez, Beny More and their peers.

Next, it’s over to Cuban-influenced recordings from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, starting with a track from the forthcoming Dust-to-Digital box set Listen All Around of Hugh Tracey’s “town music” field recordings and finishing with Kekele’s tribute to Franco and OK Jazz.

We’ll wrap things up with some cumbia-based tracks, including recent releases by Roberto Lopez, Kumbia Boruka and Sonido Gallo Negro.


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96 April 4th, 2018

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