Secret Bonus Level presents:

OH YES. Dogboy and Burnem are here! With Frankenstein, Lithium God, Vos, Noah Page, MC Correct, et cetera! A fun night with all our favorite guys! And some old friends! Gosh, it feels so good.

Plus a healthy discussion of our appreciation for Rostov’s coffee and tea. Family owned and operated! Rostov’s roasts coffee on premises daily. Coffee, tea, the word no one can say, cups to go! Dude, I get that cup to go ALL OVER THE PLACE.

But for real, this is a rap show. We also apologized to Billy Winn on this one in case his back up dancers hate us because they have to change in the bathroom at Emilio’s. That does sound terrible!

Oh! Hi, Alexis!


216 April 5th, 2018

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