Secret Bonus Level presents:

Secret Bonus Level is here to WORK. We are here to wear our ties and walk around like little babies crying about our computer screens flickering at a frequency that irritates our faces or whatever. But also, IT’S A RAP SHOW!

Vos was here to help me feel better. We’re doing this thing and we’re doing it live. Not rehearsed. It’s chaos with a hint of serenity. There wer 12 apostles and there are also 12 zodiac signs so that makes 24 hours of independent radio amirite?

We only deliver the highest quality sounds at a high velocity for 2 hours. We make tidal look like low fidelity. Cheese and wine doesn’t compare the salty crunchy satisfaction of Secret Bonus Level. There’s Doritos and dill pickles and everyone is sharing.


216 April 12th, 2018

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