Secret Bonus Level presents:

Like a three pronged fork, Secret Bonus Level is the weird, unique thing. Secret Bonus Level kills the weird juice. The unique juice? From the unique fruit? Why, yes, exactly. We drank the whole batch. None left for yall. Sorry, we’re not sorry. Buuuuuut we’ll let you all in on a bonus secret…. shhh tho. You can obtain some of this said, mystical weird juice by tuning in and listening to us every Wednesday night/Thursday morning 1-3am. Just turning on the radio and allowing your ears to auscultate our noises, you automatically stimulate your weird receptors deep within the loins of your brain and boom! Weirdness infusion!!

ALSO: Freakolafat was here! And I don’t think it’s a fork if it only has three prongs.


216 April 19th, 2018

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