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Hey Listeners,

I have been fascinated with the Memphis music scene. I think it was in my very first year as a DJ her at WRIR that I did my first Memphis-themed show – It Came From Memphis – loosely based on the book of the same name written by Robert Gordon.

As luck would have it my daughter chose to attend college in Memphis which gave me the reason to travel to Memphis about 12 times in the past four years. Well she graduates on May 12th so the frequent trips are coming to an end. It has really been a blast spending extended time down there. We’re headed for a 8-day farewell trip and graduation trip. So I’m going to do a two-part Farewell Memphis Show.

This show is loosely based on Robert Gordon’s new release – Memphis Rent Party. I just finished it. It’s a really fun read about some of the characters in the Memphis music scene. So this week’s show will feature some of the lesser-known and underground figures of the Memphis scene. Next week we’ll focus on the big labels – Sun, Stax, and Hi and the related artists. Tonight should be fun – continue with me from LDH and the Jazz Fest up the Ol’ Miss 453 miles to the Bluff City.

The Haberdasher


106 April 30th, 2018

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