Over the Edge of the Pop Narcotic presents:

So much to discuss tonight. First thank you for donating during our 2018 Spring Fund Drive. We raised a record breaking $48,000! Your generosity just stops me in my tracks. And if you haven’t found time to donate, well there is still time to make one that will count in our fund Drive tally. Just scroll up on the WRIR home page for the donation form.

Second, thanks to DJ Ginger and Anna C for the Indigo Girls challenge, and my never-ending love affair with their wonderful Swamp Ophelia record, I’ve got two great tracks planned for tonight’s show.

And as for the rest of the show, well it’s OTEOPN diverse, and book-ended by two Yo La Tengo tracks, including a 17 minute trance inducing track for the show’s opener. (Only on WRIR are you going to get to hear this 17 minute extravaganza in its entirety-its gorgeous)

In between, well just in the first hour of the show it ranges around from early REM, to Felt to mid-70’s Christian Jazz Fusion to Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Welcome to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Sister), Leon Redbone and Mount Erie. And then there’s a bunch of new music from the Hinds, Seckou Keita & Catrin Finch, Carolina Says (she’s wonderful), Lucy Dacus (also wonderful), Goat Girl and Forth Wanderers that all find their respective place in tonight’s show.

Will it all hang together? And what will you feel as you listen? Listen and see. DJ Otto JD Out.


150 May 2nd, 2018

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