Secret Bonus Level presents:

Verily, my the veins of my vines vanquish villains who vindicate Vos! Vector Variable’s volume is a vicious verve.

ANYWAY – The Secret Bonus Level Band is — well, who knows? I’m sure they’re fine. I honestly don’t care too much about writing these anymore. Remember when I did? HAHA! That was different. Things have changed. Time has gone on. Even children get older. And I’m getting older, too. Oh, I’, getting older, too…. time makes you bolder, man. Sheesh. I didn’t even care to write this so much that someone else is writing this. THIS ISN’T EVEN ME TYPING THIS. Its an impostor! Seriously though… where you at Noah? Come write YOUR bio for YOUR SHOW!

OK, for real. This is a rap show. We’re going to rap and have fun! Stop reading this and just have fun! BLAOW!

Blaow blaow BLAOW!!!!


216 May 10th, 2018

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