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Radio B, founder and life giver to the RVA Lyricist’s Lounge, has been a fixture, a figurehead in the local rap community for years. He practically built our battle rap scene singlehandedly.

On today’s program, Sydney Like Australia, or Sydney Skidmore (if you like), takes the reigns to interview Radio B live on the air. She’ll dig into what inspired him and how Lyricist’s Lounge came to be. And, of course, we’ll listen to and discuss the music that forms the soundtrack to this narrative. And beyond that, we’ll hear music by the artists and rappers Radio has inspired.

Vos is also on hand as an added, what would I call it? A Secret Bonus? Is it quite to that kind of a Level? Why, yes. Yes, I think it is.

RVA Lyricist’s Lounge is a monthly event series that showcases some of Richmond’s best talent in the hip-hop lane. All stops pulled out performances of entire albums by noteworthy voices with performances featuring special arrangements of songs with live instruments. Cyphers featuring Richmond’s greats trading bars. And even a chance for new and upcoming rappers to showcase their talent by freestyling or performing written material on the stage alongside all this magic. That’s what the RVA Lyricist’s Lounge is all about.


216 May 26th, 2018

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