Secret Bonus Level presents:

It’s a rap show. Live rap cypher performed live on the radio.

BUT TONIGHT — We’re extending our privilege to create inclusion for all pandas so that no one is excluded because of the way that they are born. Personal choices are distinct from stereotypes. We can’t help being born gay, or Black, or Saudi, or Russian, or Jewish, but we all make choices. We have an opportunity to take cruelty and spin it into love. We have to use our earned judgement instead of condemnation.

Charm is here, for the first time! and Mall! And we’re having a show at Crystal Palace on the 28th! And Vos and PT Burnem and Height Keetch and Goldzilla and MFING DOGFRIEND are having a show at Bandito’s this Sunday!

Find out what MC Correct has been up to and when you can come look at his face in person and see him rap!

Listen to our rap show!


216 June 21st, 2018

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