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I’m the grandson of immigrants from one of the sh*thole countries of the early 20th century: Italy.  For my grandparents, the 4th of July was the best holiday of the year.  That was the day they celebrated the nation that took them in, let them make something of themselves, and gave their children and grandchildren the opportunities their homeland couldn’t provide.

It seems like a lot of Americans have lost touch with their immigrant roots, or maybe they’re just in denial.  As a public service to the many Americans who’ve forgotten that their families too were immigrants, this special 4th of July edition of Global A Go-Go will feature two hours of great American music made by people who chose to come to this country.  These are the people, like my grandparents, who have made America great always.  Today’s the right day to celebrate them, and us.


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96 July 4th, 2018

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