Open Source RVA July 13, 2018 presents:

DON’T BE A FRAIDY-CAT!! Instead, bravely tune in to WRIR at noon for the Friday the 13th installment of Open Source RVA. The Valentine’s William Martini and Eric Steigleder will join host Don Harrison to talk about “Monumental,” the museum’s new exhibit that takes a look at how Richmond has paid tribute to some of its major sons and daughters — while ignoring others. We also welcome iraq War veteran Chris Rawlings, the president and CEO of Veteran LED. He tells us how he helps companies large and small save money and resources, and throws homeowners from energy saving tips. Then our own Allison Bennett Dyche files a report on the Makespace project at the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. She talks to Open Source RVA’s producer Krysti Albus, who helps teach young students the ins and outs of radio production as part of the project. OH, THERE’S MORE! We’ve also got a brand new installment of Curtain Call, our biweekly look at RVA’s theatre scene. This week, critics Claire Boswell, Julinda D. Lewis and Jerry Williams discuss Quill Theatre’s production of “As You Like It,” currently playing at Agecroft Hall as part of the Richmond Shakespeare Festival. Jerry also talks with writer and Theatre Alliance Panel (TAP) member Karen Newton about her background and what it’s like to help select the annual Artsie award winners. AVOID LADDERS, ESCHEW BLACK CATS AND WATCH FOR SIDEWALK CRACKS! Let Open Source RVA be your good luck charm at noon on WRIR 97.3 fm Richmond Independent Radio and (Photo: The Valentine)


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148 July 13th, 2018

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