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Good morning,

This show is dedicated to those who have recently walked on, whether due to fighting a disease or leaving suddenly.

I know we just lost Aretha Franklin. What a tremendous woman; strong, talented, and an amazing entertainer. We will feel her departure greatly.

On a more personal note, I just lost two friends in as many weeks. Both were sudden losses. The most recent was my friend Carla Swift. She loved life, loved her children, and enjoyed her time out in the woods. She also love music and instilled that love to her children. She was and is and unforgettable vibrant spirit that valued every minute.

I will miss Carla daily, but I know, if there is anything she would want me to do and that would be to live life fully. This show is dedicated to Carla Swift and her boyfriend; Matthew E. Monse, and Aretha Franklin along with your loved ones who may have journeyed to the other side recently.

Carla, if you had to leave, you picked a really great time. I guess you must have had tickets to a show that is out of this world and didn’t want to be late.

Walk In Peace,
Tall Feathers

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132 August 18th, 2018

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