Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

if you are going to either tonight’s and/or tomorrow night’s Nine Inch Nails/Jesus And Mary Chain shows then i am truly jealous! but if you are like me and cannot go due to prior obligations or financial reasons (in my case it’s both!), or any other reason, then let’s get through it together with a healthy dose of Dog Germs tonight!

tonight’s show starts off with classic tunes from the two bands we’re missing, plus i’ll play some songs from several other bands playing in Richmond and the surrounding cities in the next couple of weeks!

plus, i have new music from the Strvngers and Miss*FD as well as some tunes from two new compilations…Make Armalyte Great Again from Armalyte Industries and Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music: 10 Year Anniversary comp from Afmusic!

all this awesomeness and more, including your requests!

Vaxsination:  i’ll be djing at Fallout here in Richmond tomorrow night!  if you like the Dog Germs music, then you will like the Vaxsination music!  hope to see you all out there dancing!

upcoming shows:

Nine Inch Nails, The Jesus And Mary Chain, Kite Base on October 10th @ The Anthem, Washington, D.C.
Public Image Ltd. on October 12th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
The Wedding Funeral on October 16th @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Dance With The Dead, Daniel Deluxe, Stephanie on October 18th @ The Camel, Richmond, VA
Temple Of Angels, True Body, Ecstatic Rite, NZHD on October 19th @ Chicken Fiesta, Richmond, VA
The Damned, Radkey, The Darts on October 20th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Black Tiger Sex Machine, Kai Wachi, Lektrique on October 20th @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
The Russian White on October 23rd @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Ego Likeness w/Abbey Death on October 25th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Imaginary Toys, Toy Division, The Chrismiths on October 25th @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds w/Cigarettes After Sex on October 25th @ The Anthem, Washington, D.C.
The Crystal Method on October 27th @ Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA
NUR BLACK w/The Cemetery Boys on October 28th @ Triangle, Williamsburg, VA
Die Sektor w/Angel Metro on October 31st @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Psychedelic Furs on November 2nd @ The National, Richmond, VA
Psychedelic Furs on November 3rd @ The Norva, Norfolk, VA
The Twilight Sad on November 3rd @ U Street Music Hall, Washington, D.C.
Author & Punisher on November 5th @ Capital Ale House, Richmond, VA
Street Sects, Buck Gooter, Kettling on November 5th @ The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg, VA
Phoenix Noir on November 6th @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Pale Waves on November 9th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Pale Waves, Miya Folick, The Candescents on November 10th @ U Street Music Hall, Waashington, D.C.
Doyle, Seasons Band, Down To One, Dark Entity Band, Queens City Rejects on November 11th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
Gothic Lizard w/Cliff And Ivy on November 11th @ The Witching Hour, Williamsburg, VA
Doyle, The Wet Boys, Weneversleep, Glenrose on December 31st @ Shaka’s Live, Virginia Beach, VA
The Soft Moon on January 19th @ Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotel, Washington, D.C.
And One on March 19th @ Ivy City Smokehouse Tavern & Market, Washington, D.C.

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    Time: October 9 - 7:02:17 pm
  • Skinny Puppy, “Dig It (Short Edit)”

    from The Singles Collect

    Nettwerk Records - 1999

  • Time: October 9 - 7:09:21 pm
  • Nine Inch Nails, “Ringfinger”

    from Pretty Hate Machine

    TVT - 1989

  • Time: October 9 - 7:14:59 pm
  • The Jesus and Mary Chain, “Head on”

    from Automatic

    Blanco y negro - 1989

  • Time: October 9 - 7:19:08 pm
  • Public Image Ltd., “Under the House”

    from The Flowers of Romance

    Rhino/Warner Bros. - 1981

  • Time: October 9 - 7:28:23 pm
  • Dance With the Dead, “Into the Shadows (feat. Nick Hipa)”

    from Loved to Death

    Dance with the Dead - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 7:33:00 pm
  • Temple of Angels, “Silver Water”

    from Foiled - EP

    self-released - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 7:36:12 pm
  • The Damned, “love song”

    from Machine Gun Etiquette

    Chiswick Records - 1979

  • Time: October 9 - 7:38:29 pm
  • Black Tiger Sex Machine, “numbers”

    from Numbers - Single

    The EDM Network - 2015

  • Time: October 9 - 7:42:00 pm
  • The Russian White, “Champagne”

    from The Russian White

    self-released - 2015

  • Time: October 9 - 7:49:55 pm
  • Cubanate, “Junky (Live)”

    from Make Armalyte Great Again

    Armalyte Industries - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 7:54:49 pm
  • Chris Connelly, “Jump, Goddess, Jump”

    from Make Armalyte Great Again

    Armalyte Industries - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:02:26 pm
  • Miss FD, “Ashes Of Stars (feat. Vulure Culture)”

    from Ashes Of Stars (feat. Vulure Culture)

    Quantum Release - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:07:54 pm
  • Strvngers, “Cry Little Sister”

    from Exhumed Vol. II

    Negative Gain Productions - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:13:26 pm
  • The Silence Industry, “(I) Believe”

    from Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music: 10-Year Anniversary Compilation

    afmusic - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:19:20 pm
  • Emerald Park, “For Tomorrow (Park Remix by Danish Daycare)”

    from Join The Dark Side, We Have The Music: 10-Year Anniversary Compilation

    afmusic - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:27:51 pm
  • Suncrown, “you are not alone”

    from you Are Not Alone

    Crysella - 2014

  • Time: October 9 - 8:32:01 pm
  • Bernie Bandicoot, “Pleasures”

    from Lorraine - EP

    afmusic - 2011

  • Time: October 9 - 8:37:07 pm
  • Rome, “Rough Magic”

    from Hell Money

    Trisol - 2012

  • Time: October 9 - 8:43:07 pm
  • One-Eyed Doll, “Tara”

    from Holier

    Nebulost - 2018

  • Time: October 9 - 8:48:37 pm
  • Nightchild A., “Abandoned Places”

    from Images

    afmusic - 2012

  • Time: October 9 - 8:52:31 pm
  • Joy Division, “Heart and soul”

    from Closer

    Factory Records - 1980

  • Time: October 9 - 8:58:56 pm
  • EMF, “lies”

    from Schubert Dip

    EMI - 1991

110 October 9th, 2018

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