“I think, in times that seem to grow darker by the second (and as a listener who clung to WRIR in bad times), there’s something to be said about consistency. If there’s no other certainty in someone’s day than some oddball, crass queer playing moody judy tunes and yelling about capitalism on independent radio, I want to be there for people.” –Reverend V. Tender Garbage, Monday Breakfast Blend DJ

Welcome to WRIR’s morning shows that are affectionately known as the Breakfast Blends. You wake up every weekday morning, from 6-8 a.m., with six different DJs. Fueled by a strong cup of Rostov’s coffee, each one brings their unique music, an incredible personality and an empowering viewpoint to start you up in the morning. You must like what you are hearing because you rank them as some of your favorite WRIR’s programs. Get to know the voices who greet you every morning. Say “Good morning” to Reverend V. Tender Garbage, Anna C., DJ LYLAS, DJ Ginger, DJ Galaxy Girl and Princess Beat Farmer.

Reverend V. Tender Garbage (alternating Mondays)
I have only had a Breakfast Blend for about a little over a month. For a year before that, I used to do a show called Zodiac Audio Almanac on the weekends. The message that weaves throughout my show really pushes me to put a lot of intention into my shows and to show up ready to do the radio thing, however exhausted. Mondays have a reputation for being terrible, but that’s just capitalism doing its dirty work. Even if it’s for two hours, we can all be bummed or angry or effervescent, all the while being reminded that we are worth far more than our productivity and infinitely more powerful than the structures that bind us. We are all freaks sharing parts of ourselves through the sets we curate and hoping they resonate with others.

Anna C. (alternating Mondays)
I’m really glad that I get to share my show time with the Reverend. They’re one of my favorite WRIR DJs. I have hosted the Monday Breakfast Blend for three years, and I had hosted at a similar time on Sundays for a number of years before that. Aside from the early morning alarm, I like being able to do my show and still get to my job on time. I don’t get a lot of calls, but I hear from people every now and then, so I know there are folks who enjoy what I’m doing.  I start my show off a little quiet and chill, but by the music at the end of the show is higher energy. I share with you some of the great new music I run across in my role as music director, as well as making that transition out of the weekend a little more fun.

DJ LYLAS (Tuesdays) 
I’m a few months from my five year anniversary of volunteering at the station. I was motivated to wake up at 2:30 a.m. when I first started as an overnight DJ because being on the mic is such a thrill. I love the connection I have with listeners and sharing music I really care about. Every Tuesday I pick a theme for my show – something bizarre to challenge myself to find new and interesting music that you’ll likely not hear anywhere else (and at such an early hour). Themes range from “winning” to surf rock to “SLIME” and to very recently, jazz. I try to keep things centered around female-bodied and minority musicians as well. I want to give a shout out to the amazing Allison of the Richmond band Hot Lava. She taught me so much about being a Breakfast Blend DJ. My predecessors, Zoe and Anna, changed the game with their Tuesday morning blending history of excellence.

DJ Ginger (Wednesdays)
When I started doing Wednesday Breakfast Blend in 2015 (on my birthday), I replaced George, who played 20th century music. I didn’t want to totally shock the audience, so I decided to play ’60s and ’70s pop, soul, jazz and R&B. I love it, and it feels like good morning music. I also play newer artists with a retro, soulful feel too, and that’s fun. As my listeners know, Sharon Jones is one of my favorite singers, so I’ll use any excuse to play her. I was a substitute DJ for five years before getting my show. Not everyone waits that long, but basically, I wanted a Breakfast Blend show, and when it opened up, I told Enzo, the station program director, that I was interested. But subbing was and is really fun, because you get to do your take on someone’s show. And they are very thankful that you have helped them, because they may have been sick or out of town, etc. If you are interested in DJing, come to music committee meetings and talk to Enzo! Maybe bring him a bottle of chianti!

DJ Galaxy Girl (Thursdays)
My shows are musical variety… mini dance parties… social consciousness… something to bring your brain alive. I started hosting the Thursday Breakfast Blend on June 18, 2009! So I’ve been eight years in this time slot! What motivates me to get up so early is an intense fear of oversleeping and having dead air on the radio! Seriously! But I also like being part of your routine. I listened to a LOT of Breakfast Blends when I had a long car commute, so it seemed like a good way to get my musical tastes in front of more people, and hopefully make their day start a little brighter.  I try my hardest, but odds are good that I will mispronounce a song title if it’s not in English. But if I don’t try, I’ll never learn!

Princess Beat Farmer (Fridays)
I have been hosting the Friday Breakfast Blend for six months. I try to bring energy! Joy! A laugh or two. I love the idea of foisting weird and interesting music on others, especially when they’re at their most vulnerable. I get most excited about playing international music because sometimes it feels like, living in the U.S., we’re a little isolatedI also love playing weird or historically significant old recordings.

If you’d like to volunteer at WRIR, DJ LYLAS invites you to “a volunteer orientation, a music meeting or our weekly production hangouts from 2-4 p.m. on Saturdays. If you enjoy radio, we can find a place for you. Everyone at WRIR will gladly welcome you aboard.” DJ Galaxy Girl believes that “radio is made up of more than just the people who talk on the air. I know a lot of people say they hate the sound of their own voice, but don’t let that stop you from volunteering! If you LOVE community radio and want to help it flourish, there are many ways to be involved, like marketing, fundraising, technical computer type activities.” Reverend V. Tender Garbage says, “We will always welcome you. WRIR is not a cool kid’s club. If you listen and feel like being on-air is for you, it is! I would suggest emailing [email protected].”