Red Suns Radio

Red Suns Radio w/Jeremy 10/7/16


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
1000mods Into the Spell Repeated Exposure To... 2016
Jack Daniels Overdrive Come Full Circle Pure Concentrated Evil 2009
Asteroid Mr. Strange III 2016
Truckfighters Calm Before the Storm V 2016
Brant Bjork Tao of the Devil Tao of the Devil 2016
Puddy I Gave You My Love, You Gave Me The Clap Sweet Spot 2000
Stonehead The End Inner Demons 2016
Greenleaf A Million Fireflies Rise Above the Meadow 2016
The Machine Infinity Solar Corona 2009
The Colour Haze Inside The Colour Haze 2004
Sungrazer Somo Sungrazer 2009
Mountain Witch Forbidden Forest Mountain Witch 2016
Youngblood Supercult White Nights High Plains 2016
The Sword Empty Temples Low Country 2016
King Buzzo Rough Democracy The Machine Kills Artists 2014
Erudite Stoner Roads to Somewhere Erudite Stoner 2015
Frames Don't Stay Here IN VIA 2012

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