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Red Suns Radio w/Jeremy 12/15/16 Long Live Rock and Roll


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Heathen Intro/Dying Season The Evolution of Chaos 2009
Megadeth Train of Consequences Youthanasia 1994
Overkill Devil's in the Mist Immortalis 2007
The Exploited Affected by Them Beat the Bastards 1996
The Sword To Take the Black Gods of the Earth 2008
Pantera Mouth for War Vulgar Display of Power 1992
Prong Another Worldly Device Cleansing 1994
Metallica Bleeding Me Load 1996
Ozzy Osbourne Devils Daughter No Rest for the Wicked 1988
Black Sabbath Symptom of the Universe Sabotage 1975
Rainbow Long Live Rock and Roll Long Live Rock and Roll 1978
Saxon Rock the Nations Rock the Nation 1986
Anthrax Deathrider Fistful of Metal 1984
Onslaught Let There Be Death The Force 1986
Testament One Man's Fate Souls of Black 1990
Annihilator Heavy Metal Maniac (Exciter cover) Metal 2007
Clutch Pure Rock Fury Pury Rock Fury 2001
Metallica Spit Out the Bone Hardwired... To Self-Destruct 2016
Nailbomb Wasting Away Point Blank 1994
Metallica To Live is to Die ...And Justice for All 1988

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