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Red Suns Radio w/Jeremy


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Wo Fat They're Coming for you Barbara The Gathering Dark 2007
Gojira L'enfant Sauvage L'enfant Sauvage 2012
Crucifixion Green Eyes Green Eyes 1984
Motorhead Rock Out Motorizer 2008
Corruption Born to be Zakk Wylde Devils Share 2014
Unida Black Woman Coping With the Urban Coyote 1999
Tempo Plastico Stoner single 2015
Glacier Vendetta Sands of Time 1985
Naxatras Sisters of the Sun II 2016
Psychadelic Witchcraft A. Creature The Vision 2016
L.O.O.Q.H. Mother Mooch Preludes 2015
Orange Goblin Scorpionica The Big Black 2000
The Heavy Eyes The Fool He Dreams of Lions 2015
Old Blood Glowplug single 2015
Wo Fat There's Something Sinister in the Wind Midnight Cometh 2016
Bautastor Beowulf Bautastor 2015
Weedpecker Fat Karma II 2015
Dead Meadow Stacys Song Feathers 2005

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