Red Suns Radio

Red Suns Radio w/Jeremy 8/12/16


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Kyuss Deadly Kiss Wretch 1990
Fu Manchu Super Bird Go For It... Live 2003
1000mods Claws Vultures 2014
Monkey3 Watching You Undercover 2013
System of a Down Highway Song Steal This Album 2002
Samavayo Nightmare Soul Invictus 2012
Tuber Firebird Desert Overcrowded 2013
Planet of Zeus Stab Me Eleven the Hard Way 2008
Clutch Promoter Blast Tyrant 2004
Beaver Green The Difference Engine 2003
Fu Manchu Breathing Fire King of the Road 2000
Methadone Skies Moscufo Colosseus 2016
Annihilator Haunted Metal 2007
Metallica Orion Master of Puppets 1986
Sepultura Stronger Than Hate Beneath the Remains 1989
Suicidal Tendencies Join the Army Join the Army 1987
Racer X Technical Difficulties Technical Difficulties 1999
Tenacious D The Metal The Pick of Destiny 2006
The Re Stoned Return Reptiles Return 2016
Colour Haze Inside CO2 2000

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