River City Limits

River City Limits: Allison Apperson (+ also Fontaine) (6/11/16)


Allison Apperson is gonna be here in a bit to play you all RVA bands, one last time before she moves to Chicago. But, wouldn’t ya know, she’s stuck in traffic trying to get back from the beach. So Fontaine is gonna fill in til she gets here.


Beex – Beat Beat
Dismal Swamp Lords – The Devil Does the Driving

Canary Oh Canary -Embrace

Thelma Shook –  You’re Already Soaking In It
In Clover – Roadrunner Patrol
Log – Dreambox

Cotton Dick Clinton – Flip-Flops + Muttonchops
Return to Zero – Jones-O-Phone
Land of Thin Dimes – Billions

The Trouble With Larry – Monkey
Parasytic – Traitor
Lorem Ipsum – Luck Has It
Low on Sanity – Prozac

Amoeba Men – Animated Meat
The Milkstains – Mountain
RPG – Nazi Mindreader / Stand Still Blues

Bio Ritmo -La Via
Amazing Ghost – Sam Samina

Lady God – East vs. West vs. Future

The Ar-Kaics – No, No, No

Peace Beast – Can’t Believe

MANZARA – Kentucky Meat Shower
Microwaves – Edward Prendegrast

Diamond Center – Snow Silence


Bad Magic – Punx Not Dead (But I Heard You Were)

Orioles – New Green ‘Nother