River City Limits

River City Limits: Fontaine + Ben Shepherd & Chaz Tick of The Veins (7/23/16)


Fontaine here today 6-8pmEDT, along with Ben Shepherd & Chaz Tick of The Veins. They have a reunion gig tonight at Strange Matter, part of Commonwealth of Notions #6. We’ll play local music, talk about the RVA music scene & the big gig tonight. Tune in!


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Armwood – Miracles

talk w/ Ben Shepherd & Josh Baggette
The Veins –  Southern Corridor

Ben(jamin) Shepherd – Money or Time
Get in the Car – Hypnic Jerk
Suppression – Release the Pirhana (Into the Gene Pool)

talk w/ Ben Shepherd & Josh Baggette & Chaz Tick
The Veins – Little Taste
The Veins – Heroin Problem
Reptile Tile – Crass Ways to Go
Reptile Tile – Met You on the Internet

talk w/ Ben Shepherd & Josh Baggette & Chaz Tick
Battlemaster – Displacer Feast
Unmaker – Cryosleeper
Nervous Ticks – Trash Talk

Southside Stranglers – I’m a Cannibal
Milkstains – Let Us Down
Warren Hixson – Baby Boogie

Dadmobile – 31
Naked Pictures – Straight Out

Mudd Helmut – Give Me Sensation
GWAR – Meat Sandwich

Rah Brahs – No Furture
Sports Bar – Moneytime
Mister Double You – Then We Have to Say Goodbye

Shy, Low – Nostos

Mr. Pink – La Que Sabe
League of Space Pirates – Search and Destroy

Toward Space – People Are Late  [request]
The You Go Girls – Yoloaded

The Barriers – Stagnate
Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home