River City Limits

River City Limits: Fontaine + John Morand of Sound of Music Studios (9/24/16)


Fontaine here today 6-8pmEDT, along with John Morand of Sound of Music Studios. We’ll play local music (both old and new), talk about the RVA music scene, and find out what bands he’s been working with lately . Tune in!


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Get in the Car – Inside the Perisphere  [Oct 16 @Banditos]
Hoax Hunters – Breathe  [Oct 16 @Banditos]

Hallelujah! – H! Bomb  [this Sunday @Banditos]
The Skin – Street Keyz  [this Sunday @Banditos]

Stephanie – The Labyrinth

Dumb Waiter – Vegan Mustache Jazz  [tonight @SMatter]
Gull – Bedouin Lover  [tonight @SMatter]
Magnus Lush – All the Vampires  [tonight @SMatter]

Manatree – Fat Jackson  [tonight @Hardywood]
Petrichor – Farewell  [Oct 22 @Shockoe Valley Mfg]
Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home  [Oct 8 @Hardywood]
Grass Panther – Over the Underground  [recently @Balliceaux]

Canary Oh Canary – Catholic
Manzara – When Pants Attack  [Oct 23 @Banditos]
King Sour – Palookaville

Low on Sanity – Before I Drown (Backward Agenda Mix)

John Morand bands:
Burst Into Flames – Get Me Now
Future Neighbors – Sympathetic Looks

Blanks – Arcadia
Trae Coles – Ocean
Lady God – 11:11  [Oct 8 @Hardywood]

Towards Space – La Luna
Ben Shirley – Great Unknown

The Orthotonics – Woman Fish
Rattlemouth – Binta Madiallo
Butterglove – Sleep Thirsty
Bowl Ethereal – The Witchery

The Tom and Marty Band – Mr. Fancy Pants