River City Limits

River City Limits: Tim Beczkowski Hosts (8/27/16)


Tim Beczkowski hosting WRIR’s local band show 8/27/16. A little trouble getting in … but then 90 minutes of good RVA stuff.

Black Girls           Music Theory(for Haters)              Black Girls
David Lowery      Palace Guards                                The Palace Guards
Moosa                  Break Apart                                     Get Away
Modern Groove Syndicate   Exs anD hOS                    Vessel
NO BS BRASS BAND          RVA ALL DAY               RVA ALL DAY
Oregon Hill Funk Allstars The Hill                             Backbeat Sacrifice
Cracker                       Low                      Kerosene Hat
Marionette                  Siren                                         You are Here
DJ Williams               Heavy Hands                             Projeckt Management
Conshafter                  Sleep When I’m Dead                Fear the Underdog
Long Arms                 The Motorcycle Boys Reigns     Constant Comment
Boy O Boy                 Land of Ska                                 Shish SKa Bob
HOuse of Freaks        My Backyard                              Monkey on a Chain
The Gaskets              Last Night A Rockstar Saved My Life  Big Fun
Carbon Leaf              Crossroads                                   How the West was Won
River City High         Left Behind                                  Won’t Turn Down
Dutchess of York       Anamosity       Perplexity of a Musical Golden Rapture is Illustional
Hotel X                      Iqbal                                            Routes Music
The HotSeatsw           Cheesy Beef Boogie                    Live at WRIR
Hackensaws               Poor Thing                                   Get Some
Cashmere Jungle Lords    Warzone                                  Bloodstone Follies
Cracker                           Sweet Thistle Pie                     The Golden Age