Songs From the Big Hair: Fontaine Spins 80s Vinyl (6/11/16)


Fontaine here today 3-5pmEDT to play you all sorts of 1980s vinyl. I have a whole milk crate full of assorted records. Fun! I hope you’ll tune in.

AIM: WhatTheFontaine Phone: 804.649.9737
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The Stranglers – Just Like Nothing on Earth
Pylon – M-Train  [request]
Camper Van Beethoven – Surprise Truck

New Order – 586
Duran Duran – Planet Earth

Agitpop – Loaded with Blanks
Einsturzende Neubauten – Morning Dew
These Immortal Souls – Blood and Sand (She Said)

X – Nausea
Siouxsie + Banshees – Spellbound
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft – Ein Bisschen Krieg
Spandau Ballet – To Cut a Long Story Short
Robert Palmer – Looking for Clues

Blancmange – Living on the Ceiling
M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up the Volume
The The – Uncertain Smile

David Sylvian – Red Guitar  [request]

Chrome – Informations
Executive Slacks – 30 Years

Iggy Pop – Bang Bang
The Minutemen – The Glory of Man
Romeo Void – Never Say Never

Adrian Belew – Big Electric Cat
Berlin – Masquerade  [request]
Gary Numan – Metal
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria