What the Fontaine?!

What the Fontaine?!: R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore (1/27/17)


What the Fontaine?!: You never know what you’ll hear next on this fun mix of tunes from across the decades and musical genres.”

So sad. We lost Mary Tyler Moore this week. Lots of women from the 70s saying she was an inspiration to them in their careers. And she made that movie in Richmond’s Fan District in the 80s! I’ll play Husker Du’s version of her TV theme song. Some School House Rock covers. And lots more. Tune in tonight 9-11pmEST.

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

My Disco – Rivers
Gang of Four – Not Great Men  (request)

Wailin Storms – Down in South Texas
Prong – Lundon Dungeon  [Misfits cover]
Germs – Lexicon Devil
That Dog – We Must Bleed  [Germs cover]

Deluxx Folk Implosion – I’m Just a Bill  [School House Rock cover]
King Missile – Detachable Penis
Nirvana – Love Buzz
Vandals – Ladykiller

Husker Du – Love Is All Around  [Mary Tyler Moore TV theme song]
Goodness – Electricity, Electricity  [School House Rock cover]
Monkees – Mary, Mary

L7 – Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra

Husker Du – Makes No Sense At All
Moby – Verb: That’s What’s Happening  [School House Rock cover]
Fear – New York’s Alright  If You Like Saxophones
Steroid Maximus (aka Foetus) – Quilombo!

The Kinks – I Gotta Move
The Fratellis – Henrietta
Doo Rag – Mop Down
Electric Six – It’s Showtime!

Better Than Ezra – Conjunction Junction  [School House Rock cover]
Peggy Lee – I’m a Woman
Blind Melon – Three Is a Magic Number  [School House Rock cover]

Clutch – 10001110101
Ween – Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Dread Zeppelin – Heartbreaker (At the End of Lonely Street)

Lemonheads – My Hero, Zero  [School House Rock cover]
Adolescents – Amoeba
Skee-Lo – The Tale of Mr. Morton  [School House Rock cover]