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Creative Habit (1st and 2nd weeks)

The Creative Habit shines a light on all things creative in Richmond.  It is said that we are living in the Creative Age, a time when what is most valuable in the culture and the economy is that which cannot be replaced by machine, that which is essentially human.  There is certainly ample evidence of this in Richmond.  High profile examples include the top-rated VCU School of Arts and the Martin Agency.  Richmonders are not always aware of all the creative juices flowing in their city, though, and this program seeks to change that.

Topics for the show range from the things we typically think of as “creative”, like arts and culture, to creativity and innovation in other fields such as public policy, the sciences, education, and business.

Common Thread (3rd and 4th weeks)

Hosted by Fatima Smith, this is a discussion-based show on intersectionality, which is vital to understand to be able to move forward and grow socially.


  • Thursday - 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm


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