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For the Aries trying to be gentle; the Taurus who won’t back down; the Gemini attempting to reconcile with themselves; the Cancer who retreats; the Leo polishing their proud armor; the Virgo who thirsts for rationale; the Libra who flounders in the face of decision; the Scorpio who feels all and displays nothing; the Sagittarius who subsists on curiosity and independence alone; the Capricorn who thrives on practicality; the Aquarius who excels at helping, but falters with expression; and for the Pisces, perpetually in love.

Regardless of your sign, Zodiac Audio Almanac is here to guide you, by way of music, through the influences of the skies. The different sets interpret various astrological and planetary happenings, as well as spotlight artists of different signs in terms of the literal, figurative, and exploratory–spanning all genres, eras, and moods.

If you ever need therapy for a retrograde, or something to howl at during a full Moon–come join me on Zodiac Audio Almanac every Saturday morning from 3 am-6 am.


  • Friday - 1:00 am - 3:00 am
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