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Louisiana Dance Hall“French music” every Monday 9-11p.m.

Cajun, Creole, Zydeco & Swamp Pop

Tonight’s show will spotlight artists who’ll be playing nearby this coming weekend: Andre Thierry, Corey Ledet, C.J. Chenier and Al Berard. The play list will be posted as I go – click "Read more." For Cajun & zydeco dance info visit WhereWeGoToZydeco.com and DancingByTheBayou.com.


Briggs Brown, Amede´ 2-step, Tee Cajun, Tribe

Jeffrey Broussard & Creole Cowboys, Creole Cowboy 2-step, Keeping the Tradition Alive, Maison De  Soul

Geno Delafose, Le bluerunner, Everybody’s Dancin’, Times Square

Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys, Mama told papa, Bayou Ruler, Rounder

Les Amis Creole, La reel DesHotels, Les Amis Creole, Arhoolie

Bruce Daigrepont, Le diable est lache´, Paradis, Rounder

Magnolia, La valse a maman, Jolie Coeur, R&M

Al Berard & Karen England, Tee Lee Lee, Feet of the Ground, Swallow

C.J. Chenier, Rosemary, The Desperate Kingdon of Love, World Village

Andre Thierry, When you tink about me, Live! At the Woodshop, self

Corey Ledet, Diggy Liggy Lo, 3 Years 2 Late, self

Hackberry Ramablers, You’ve got to Hi-Di-Hi, Early Recordings 1935-1950, Arhoolie

Linzay Young & Joel Savoy, Missouri heights, Linzay Young & Joel Savoy, Valcour

Mamou, La valse de Balfa, Mamou, Roxio

Sean Ardoin & Zydekool, All about you, Sean Ardoin & Zydekool, Zydekool

Jeffrey Broussard & Creole Cowboys, I lost my woman, Keeping the Tradition Alive, Maison De  Soul

D.L. Menard, Les portraits sur la plofonage, Happy Go Lucky, Swallow

David Greely, Café´waltz, Sud du Sud, self

Briggs Brown, Marksville 2-step, Tee Cajun, Tribe

Morris Ardoin, Le tracas de Morris, Le Tracas de Morris, Maison de Soul

Ray Landry, A connaissait pas que j’etais marrier, Me Racines Cadien Sont Creux, Swallow

Rosie Ledet, You can eat my poussiere, I’m a Woman

Steve Riley & Mamou Playboys, Laisse-moi connaitre, Bayou Ruler, Rounder

Beau Jocque & Zydeco Hi-Rollers, Mardi Gras, blues, Pick Up On This, Rounder

Bruce Daigrepont, Paradis, Paradis, Rounder


Briggs Brown, Jolie blond, Tee Cajun, Tribe

Geno Delafose, Can I change my mind, Everybody’s Dancin’, Times Square

Magnolia, La derniere valse, Jolie Coeur, R&M

Record labels: Valcour-www.valcourrecords.com; Arhoolie-www.arhoolie.com; Rounder-www.rounder.com; Swallow, JIN, Maison de Soul-www.flattownmusic.com; Acadiana/Zydeco Hound-1-866-518-6465; Rabadash-www.rabadash.com



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    May 24th, 2010

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