Mother’s Milk:  Inaugural Post On the New Website?  Yarr! presents:

Mother’s Milk:  Inaugural Post On the New Website?  Yarr!

Nice boat!  I'm going to forego a clever and amusing image this week, because the new website seems to make 'em display wrong, and if you can't do something right… well, typically, I go with '"Fail miserably!" but in this case, I'm just going to not do it at all.  Actually (I type this an hour after getting home from the show), I'm gonna see if I can make it work right.  Maybe I can.  Either way, you're getting a delightful photo of an entirely addled Edwardian gentleman.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you do, check out other gents n' gentresses from the same era (along with their drunk n' disorderly rap sheets) here.  If you're curious about the setlist, check it out at the Mother's Milk website.  Thanks for listening, and I hope you're drinking.  Stay strong, brothers and sisters!  And hey, you can post comments again!  So feel free to comment, if that appeals to you.  I like reading comments.

UPDATE: And if you missed it live, you can go ahead and download the podcast HERE!  Enjoy… may your days start late, and your nights end boozy…

Josh Sturgill


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    May 24th, 2010

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