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Commonwealth Of NotionsJune 24th, 2010


Today was a scorcher! For tonight's episode, I'll be talking about upcoming shows as well as debuting a few new tracks by some of my local favorites. As always, there will be the seldom songs that have been stuck in my head all week for you to enjoy. All and all, it's the Commonwealth of Notions!

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The Diamond Center/The Deer Pistol/My Only Companion/2009

Thao with the Get Down Stay Down/Yes, So On and So On/We Brave Bee Stings and All/2008

Hot Lava/Ghosties/Lavalogy/2008

The Color Kittens/I Dont Want to Take Out the Trash/First Try, Good Job/2009

Orioles/It Would Be Alright/The Basement Tapes/2010

Bonnie "Prince" Billy/You Can't Hurt Me Now/Beware/2009

Jonathan Vassar and the Speckled Bird/A Match Made in Heaven/The Fire Next Time/2009

David Shultz and the Skyline/Down The Road/Rain In To The Sea/2009

Cubscout and the Rhinoceros/Mixing Bowl/Greetings from Holly Street Park/2009

The Weakerthans/This is a Fire Door Never Leave Open/Left and Leaving/2000

Pedals on Our Pirate Ships/I'm Sorry Amelia/Split with The Wild/2010

Blur/No Distance Left to Run/The Best of Blur/2000

The Low Branches/Giant Sounds/Demos and Live/2009

Fuzzy Baby/The French Chef/Live at Ipanema: Fuzzy Baby/2009

Liza Kate/Bones/Seven Inch/2007

Homemade Knives/Irons in the Fire/No One Doubts the Darkness/2007


Wilco/Poor Places/Yankee Hotel Foxtrot/2001

Orioles/Positive Slope/The Basement Tapes/2010

Ben Shepherd/Dear John Song/Demos/2008

RPG/She's Tough/Worth The Weight/2008

Dead Goats/Where We Belong/Tennessee People EP/2007

The Gaslight Anthem/The Spirit of Jazz/American Slang/2010

Sundials/It Stands A Ground/Names That Matter Most/2010

Pink Razors/Do You Wanna Go to Maymont? (Coupleskate)/Scene Suicide/2005

Tim Barry/Prosser's Gabriel/28th and Stonewall/2010

Bermuda Triangles/Cannibal Island/Reptilian Intervention/2010

The Catalyst/Born with a Buzz/Mariana's Trench/2007


Amazing Ghost/Cantavit/Face Job-Body Blow/2008

Orioles/Dry Mount/Live at Ipanema: Orioles/2009

Shannon Cleary


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    June 23rd, 2010

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