Can’t Stop the Music, Sunday 10/10/10 9-11pm presents:

Can’t Stop The MusicCan’t Stop the Music, Sunday 10/10/10 9-11pm

So, I've been thinking about these Tea Party conventioners in RVA this weekend … The new Tea Party & the Old Left have so much in common.  Both groups have big gripes about the Republican Party.  All are outraged at government's intrusion into private lives – Bush's NSA unwarranted & illegal wiretaps, for instance.  And just like Liberals, Tea Party members are hopping mad about government policy from which they benefit.  Power to the People, Right On! 

Since this is such a new movement, & since the Left has all the good songs, we can lend them some of ours.  CSTM will be playing righteous & self-righteous Liberal anthems tonight.  After all, it's a good way to acknowledge John Lennon's birthday.  And, I'll think of something base-ten as CSTM will be on the air at 10:10pm 10-10-10.

Oh, these guys above?  Anachists, anti-capitalists & climate change protesters at the G20 Summit, London, April 2009. 

Com'on over, the water is fine.  You might even come to like the Big O.  Oh … the Left seems to be mad at him too … another thing in common.

Smooch, P Swann

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    October 10th, 2010

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