a mix&mash past and present presents:

Chapter And Versea mix&mash past and present

Good morning! 

New music from Chico Mann&the Budos Band this morning.  Hope you enjoy the mix.




A Puff of Dew                           Gastr Del Sol

Black Venom                          Budos Band

Once In A Lifetime                  Chico Mann

Feelin'                                       Bomba Estereo


Eight Miles High                     The Byrds

Days of a Quiet Sun               The Barracudas

The Seeker                              The Who

Ground Hog Day                     Big Sugar


What A Rush                             Art Brut

How You Like Me Now          The Heavy

Who Knows                            Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsies)

Hey Brother Man                     Mickey and the Soul Generation

A Trabajar                                Chacalon  y la Nueva Crema


Cabalito Nocturno                  Noe Fachin

Un Shipbo  En Espana      Noe Fachin

Wavering                                   Marionette

Lucifer Airlines                      Electrix Six


Message To Love                   Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsies)

Crown of Creation                   Jefferson Airplane

Spirit of Joy                                 Kingdom Come

Harmonia                                   Chico Mann

Supersition                                Stevie Wonder


Apple                                          Cibo Matto

Thin Man                                  Suzanne Vega

Ashes to Ashes                       Leo Minor

I Should Have Known Better   Yo La Tengo

Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    November 14th, 2010

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