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La Guerre de sept  ans                         Benoit Pioulard

There are Birds                                    The Ruby Suns

On A Letter                                             The Sea And Cake

River Card                                             Atlas Sound


Bright Lit Blue Skies                           Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffitti

Facing You                                             Marionette

Once We Walked in the Sun              Paper Cuts

Eli                                                              Caribou

Loralee                                                   Whitsundays


Set 'Em Free                                        Akron Family

The Flower Child Called Nowhere   Stereolab

When I'm Sleep                                    Wild Beasts

Quit You Once                                      Wooden Birds

Good lies                                              The Notwist

Last Night                                              The  Strokes


Written in Reverse                               Spoon

Dance Pattern                                      Electric Six

Rebirth of a Nation                             Gills and Wings

Contender                                          The Pains of Being Pure At Heart

Let's Explode                                    Clem Snide

Eurotrash Girl                                      Cracker


Time Has Told Me                           Nick Drake

Like a Full Moon                            Codiene Velvet Club

Trouble Child                                   Joni Mitchell

The Price of Silence                    Various Artists     

Left On                                               The Sea and Cake

Pass Me The Hatchet I Think I'm Goodkind   Yo La Tengo




Albert Green


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    January 23rd, 2011

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