Somebody’s Got A Case of the Mondays… presents:

Somebody’s Got A Case of the Mondays…

… and it's me!  But we're going to fight it off with booze, so have no fear.  I had a long drive back from Roanoke today, with a killer hangover after a hell of an awesome weekend, but I've rallied and I'm ready to rock.  So pour out a little liquor, and – in the words of Fear – let's rodeo!

UPDATE:  Another fantastic and boozy time.  If you missed it and would like to check it out, just click here to download the podcast from Radio4All.  As always, if you're not a fan of Mother's Milk on Facebook, you can check out our Facebook page and become one by clicking here.  

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Josh Sturgill


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    January 24th, 2011

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