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The theme for today is 'questions'.


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Questions                             INXS

Is Everybody In?                   William S. Burroughs

What About Dying?              David Ignatow  (poem)

Is This Where You Live?        The Church

Where's The Door?               Los 10 Space


Ask Me How I Am                  Snow Patrol

Who's Sorry Now?                Esquivel

Who Knows?                         Band of Gypsies

Are You  Experienced?         Patti Smith


Hey Hey What Can I Do?         Led Zeppelin

Who Do You Love?                   The Woolies

Why Can't I Be You?                  The Cure

Is There Something I Should Know?   Duran Duran

How Do You Sleep?                    John Lennon


I Caveman And You?                Los Peyotes

Is Anybody In There?                Warsaw Village Band

When Will The Rain Come?        The Troggs

Why Not Tonight?                      Treetop

How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away?      Dave Hicks and his Hot Licks


What Do You Do/The Glory of Love        Lyle Lovett  and his Large Band

Wiil I Ever Understand You?               Berlin

Can't You Hear Me Knocking?          The Rolling Stones

What If I Came Knocking?                  John Mellencamp


Do You Have To Ask?                      Swinging Machine

How Do You Feel?                           Jefferson Airplane

How Do They Do That?                     Kinky

How Soon is Now?                            The Smiths

Where In This World                       The Notwist

What Kind of Love Is This                 Little Milton





Where In This World                 The Notwist

Albert Green


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    February 6th, 2011

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